On Thursday, March 14, the first edition of ‘Industrial Reality’ will take place in The Gallery in Enschede. The event is aimed at companies and organizations that are interested in innovative solutions in the field of AR / VR.

Microsoft, as one of the speakers, will present how they see the future of Mixed Reality and explain the potential this offers to companies in terms of productivity and customer satisfaction. In addition, there are interactive sessions, in which we show the state of the art, practical cases and a look ahead in the future. Themes are new business models, virtual factory and future skills. Several demonstrations of industrial applications of AR / VR are being provided.

This event is especially for managers and senior specialists who are looking for knowledge, added value or partners to put AR / VR and related technologies within their company on the map in the coming years. More information and the program can be found at

The Industrial Reality Hub is a joint venture between Controllab, OVSoftware, SeriousVR, Recreate, Twinsense360, The Virtual Dutch Men, Benchmark Electronics, Demcon-Nymus3D, Xsens and the VR Lab of the University of Twente, led by East NL. Together, these partners offer all the technological competences needed for the next phase of AR / VR.

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