Controllab is the owner and developer of the modelling and simulation program 20-sim. With 20-sim you can enter model graphically, similar to drawing an engineering scheme. With these models you can simulate and analyse the behaviour of multi-domain dynamic systems and create control systems. You can even generate C-code and run this code on hardware for rapid prototyping and HIL-simulation.

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Model-Based Design is a method to efficiently design and implement complex computer controlled systems. Controllab uses Model-Based Design to help companies bring their products to the next level:

  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Advanced Control
  • HIL Simulation

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Controllab developed unique tools and methods for model-based design. We use these to build affordable VR product demos which are based on physics and can be steered by the user with joysticks, touch controllers or other devices. Our demos are unique, realistic and exciting!

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