Client: SMST – HIL Simulation

SMST specializes in the delivery of lifting, transportation, drilling and pipe lay solutions, especially for the maritime and offshore industry. Their Telescopic Access Bridge (TAB) that can safely transfer personnel to an offshore structure. Controllab designed the motion compensation control algorithms for this bridge.


One of SMST’s challenges was developing a safe control system for the TAB-M that could be reused for the other types of bridges. Controllab designed the algorithms for the bridge’s motion compensation, and provided a simulation model of the bridge to test the complete control system.


Model-based design is a technique that uses simulation models to design an application’s control system. These models can be reused at a later stage to test controller hardware. That’s hardware-in-the-loop simulation! Our role was introducing model-based design to the SMST control department, and providing tooling and training for this novel design method.


A significant part of the mechanical and hydraulic system was analyzed early on in the project, using HIL simulations. We found quite a few errors in the control system. This allowed SMST to develop the TAB in a record-breaking time, with minimal commissioning delays.