In the marine & offshore market a big driver for the automation of machines is the increased demand for safety and accuracy. Controllab has been active in the marine & offshore market for more than 15 years. We help companies to design,build and test their control systems for cranes, bridges and other complex machinery.


We are specialized in the development of control systems for offshore cranes. Our control systems are modular:

  • Heave Compensation
  • Motion Compensation
  • Anti-Sway
  • Tag Line Control

Our control systems have been tested and verified.
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Motion compensated access bridges have to compensate for the motions of ships. We have developed, tested and verified control systems, both onshore and at sea. We have solutions for:

  • Using and implementing the right MRU
  • Servo hydraulics
  • 3D motion compensation
  • Performance testing and accuracy

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We have worked on real-lay systems, tensioners, pipe laying equipment and more. All of these systems have multiple control loops that have to work in harmony to get a stable and safe operation. Controllab provides solutions to develop these complex systems:

  • Simulation models to develop new and improved control strategies
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation to test the control systems
  • Develop Training Simulators to instruct operators