Real-time simulation models to develop, test and operate machines.

Developing HIL simulators and training simulators for the high-tech and marine & offshore markets.


Build digital twins to test the viability of new designs.

Improve quality: Test operations before a machine is actually build.


Use our digital twins to develop control software.

Work faster: Instantly change the weather and other conditions to test the operation of your controller.


Couple digital twins to PLCs to test control software.

Improve quality: Test operations that are too dangerous or expensive to do on a real machine.


Couple digital twins to 3D visualization and HMIs.

Reduce stress: A training simulator can simply be restarted when you make mistakes.

From Simulation to Real Innovation

Designing the future with Digital Twins

Controllab specializes in creating digital twins to test control software and build training simulators for high-tech systems and marine offshore markets.

Our customers develop complex machines that require a significant amount of software to operate. However, testing this control software can only be done when the machine is physically assembled on-site. Issues in the control software can cause delays and damage. Our digital twins are simulation models that closely resemble real machines. By connecting these twins to their control software, our customers can conduct tests without the need for a physical machine. They can easily solve problems and deliver software that works perfectly.

With over 30 years of experience and our advanced simulation tools, we can create highly accurate digital twins that mimic real machines. Our digital twins run in real-time and offer 3D animations, making them ideal for interfacing with control software. Customers even use our digital twins for training purposes due to their realistic nature.

All Electric Gangway

Digital Twins

Modern machines are becoming more automated, digital, and intelligent. This poses a significant challenge when it comes to developing control software, especially for unique cases with limited testing and potential catastrophic failures. That’s where Controllab comes in. We specialize in digital twins, which are advanced simulation models that perfectly mimic real machines.

By applying physics principles and incorporating data from other machines, our simulation models behave just like the actual machines. But that’s not all – we excel at integrating these digital twins with control software, allowing them to operate in real-time as if you were controlling the physical machine. This makes our digital twins ideal for the development and testing of control software, also known as Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation. Trust Controllab to provide you with cutting-edge solutions for leveraging the power of digital twins in your control software development needs.



On a digital twin you can test operations that are too expensive or too dangerous to do on a real machine.


On a digital twin you can instantly change anything. This means you can work much faster.


With a digital twin there are no operational costs of the real machine.