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Declaration of Approval

By visiting, using and / or downloading data from the websites www.controllab.nl, www.20sim.com, www.20sim4c.com or any other website from Controllab, the site visitor agrees to the following terms of use. Controllab Products B.V. (Chamber of Commerce no.: 06076204) will not be liable for damage relating to the communication by e-mail of data or documents.

Purpose website and Liability

The information on and other content of the Controllab website, 20sim.com or 20sim4C.com is offered to the site visitor for information purposes.
The Controllab website, 20sim.com and 20sim4c.com sites contain links to third party sites.
These sites are not property of Controllab and are displayed for reasons of user convenience. Controllab reserves the right to change the information on, and other content of, its site at any time.
Controllab edits the information offered on its site with the utmost care and devotes the greatest possible care to the composition of the site.
Nevertheless, it is possible that the information is incomplete, not up to date and / or incorrect. Only the site visitor is responsible for its use of the information available on the Controllab, 20sim and 20sim4C websites.

Cookies Disclaimer

In order to offer you more service when visiting our website, Controllab uses cookies. These are useful techniques to collect and use information. Websites are therefore easier to use. Cookies, for example, ensure that you can stay logged in on a website or that your preferences, such as location and language settings, are remembered.
Also, website owners can see, through cookies, how often their sites – and which pages – are viewed by visitors. Furthermore, some cookies make it possible to follow your surfing behavior. This way websites can learn something about your preferences so that they can show more relevant information.
Cookies are stored on your computer. You can delete them at any time. How you can do this differs per browser. If necessary, consult the help function of your browser. Remember that after deleting cookies on some websites you will have to set your preferences again or log in again.

Important to know: the use of cookies is safe. E-mail and telemarketing campaigns are not the result of cookies. Cookies do not store your e-mail address or telephone number, nor does it create a profile traceable to a person with the help of cookies.

More information on what cookies are used by the Controllab websites is shown on the following page: /cookie-policy/.

Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights, including copyrights, relating to (all parts of) the Controllab, 20sim and 20sim4C websites, including – but not limited to – layout, figurative elements, text, photos, etc., as well as the rights with respect to all publications, which can be accessed through the websites, are held by Controllab only to the extent that these rights do not (also) belong to third parties.
The user of the websites is not permitted to multiply, or distribute any content of the websites to third parties, without the express written permission of Controllab.

Privacy Statement

Controllab respects your privacy. If you would like to know more about our privacy policy, then please visit our privacy statement at the following page: /privacy-statement/.

Applicable law

Dutch law applies to these conditions of use. Only the Dutch court is competent to take cognizance of disputes or claims in connection with these conditions or the use of the site.

Changes to the conditions of use

Controllab reserves the right to change the user conditions applicable to the site at any time without notice. Every site visitor is automatically bound by these changes. We therefore ask the site visitor to read the site conditions regularly.

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