Training Simulators

Training simulators are excellent for training operators to work with equipment in hazardous environments where the safety of people is at stake. With the advance of 3D imaging technologies and VR, the costs of the simulators are decreasing rapidly. They become a viable option in an increasing number of industries. Controllab provides training simulators for a number of industries.

Interactive Game-Based Training Simulators

Training simulators are excellent for training operators to work with complex equipment and in environments where safety is important. Controllab offers training simulators that the operator can play like a game. Game-based training simulators are interactive and immersive platforms that simulate real-world scenarios to enhance learning and skill development. Using gamification elements, these simulators engage learners in a dynamic and fun way, making the training experience more effective and impactful.

In the entry level, the operator becomes familiar with the machine. In subsequent levels, the operator learns the ins and outs of the machine, how to operate it safely, and how to deal with emergencies.

By choosing game-based training simulators, companies can significantly reduce their training costs by eliminating the need for physical equipment, travel expenses, and potential damage during training sessions.

Training Simulator with a trainer interface

Training simulators are the key to unlocking the full potential of operators, especially when working with valuable equipment and in safety-critical evironments. At Controllab, our training simulators offer a unique trainer interface that puts you in full control. With the power of this interface, trainers can effortlessly select specific scenarios, manipulate environmental conditions, introduce faults and much more. It’s like having a virtual training ground at your fingertips, where operators can hone their skills with expert guidance.

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Digital Twins for Training Simulators

All of our training simulators are based on a 3D representation of the real machine, on one or multiple displays or with a VR headset. An operator chair and the human machine interface (HMI) can be added to allow the operator to work just as he would do on the real machine.

To enhance the sense of reality, Controllab uses several technologies:

  • Physics: We use physics based simulation models of the real machine and its environment.
  • Control System: We use the control system and the HMI of the real system and couple this with a simulated machine.
  • Unity 3D: Our 3D technology is based on the Unity gaming engine, allowing high resolution, real-time display of 3D graphics.