Introducing the TMO Trainer Game 


We are pleased to introduce our latest innovation: the Tension Machine Operator (TMO) Trainer Game. This advanced training simulator was designed for Allseas. It aims to enhance the skills of Tension Machine Operators by providing a realistic and interactive training experience.

What is the TMO Trainer Game?

The TMO Trainer Game is a comprehensive training tool that simulates real-life scenarios for Tension Machine Operators. Users can log in and practice with a variety of scenarios and game modes to ensure they are well prepared for the challenges they will face in the field. Providing a safe and controlled environment in which to develop and refine their skills, this simulator is an invaluable resource for both current operators and those in training.

Dual purpose: to train and to recruit

As well as being a powerful training tool, the TMO Trainer Game is also used in the recruitment process. By allowing candidates to engage with the game Allseas assesses their familiarity and aptitude with tensioners. This innovative approach helps Allseas to identify candidates with a natural affinity for the role, streamlining the selection process and ensuring that the best talent is brought on board. 

Our Journey

Our dedicated team has spent over a year developing the TMO Trainer game and we are proud of the results. Throughout the project, we have focused on creating an accurate and immersive experience that truly benefits the user. As part of our development process, we had the privilege of visiting the Pioneering Spirit to see the real tension machine in action. This further informed our design and ensured the realism of the simulator.

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