High-tech systems

In the high-tech systems market, there is a continues drive to create machines with more accuracy, higher speeds, and disruptive technologies. This requires advanced control systems which use multiple sensor inputs and machine models to calculate the optimal steering of the actuators. Controllab has developed the modelling and simulation package 20-sim, which is excellently suited for model based design. Using scripting and design environment was created with a high degree of automation. Controllab provides digital twins to develop and test these control systems.

high-tech systems

Digital Twins for high-tech systems

We have developed software that allows us to build digital twins efficiently. Based on CAD files we can automatically generate 3D dynamic models and couple them with 1D drive system components from out library. In the past 30 years we have measured a lot of drive trains (electric, hydraulic, rotation, translation) and sensors, which allows us to assemble digital twin simulation models that will preform exactly as the real machine.

Control software

Controllab has over 25 years of experience in the design, implementation and testing of control software for complex and advanced systems. The heart of these control systems are generally closed loop control systems. We use simulation models and all the classical (time domain, frequency domain, PID, Kalman filtering,…) and modern (adaptive control, machine learning,..) control techniques to make these control systems stable and efficient.

VSE - HIL simulation

HIL Simulation

The machine or physical part of the system (which we call the plant) is normally connected with the control system, through actuators and sensors. With HIL testing the plant is replaced by a simulation of the plant (which we call the HIL simulator). If the HIL simulator is designed well, it will accurately mimic the plant, and can be used to test the control system. Some HIL simulators are equipped with 3D visualization and represent the plant so well that they can be used for training. These HIL simulators are called training simulators.