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​Our costumers develop machines that use a lot of control software. Testing this software is done when the machine is assembled on site. Problems in the control software can lead to delays and even damage. Our digital twins are simulations models that closely resemble a real machine. By coupling these twins to the control software, our customers can do tests without a real machine. They can solve problems easily and deliver software that works right for the first time.

We’ve been at the forefront of innovation for over two decades, providing solutions that meet the demands of various markets. At Controllab, we’re not just embracing innovation – we’re making it accessible and impactful.


Here are the markets where you can find us making a difference

Markets - Allseas


In the marine & offshore market a big driver for the automation of machines is the increased demand for safety and accuracy. These demands can be met by using digital twins. Controllab has been active in the offshore market for more than 20 years. With our digital twins we help companies to design and test control software and provide training simulators for cranes, gangways, cable lay and other complex machines. The benefits for our digital twins allowed our customers to improve their quality, work faster, reduce stress and save cost.

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As part of the joint venture Dutch Dredging Simulators, we develop and release training simulators for the dredging industry. Training simulators are the key to unlocking the full potential of operators, especially when working with valuable equipment and in safety-critical environments. The operator practices operations under various conditions and learns how different settings influence the performance of the dredger.

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Steel Industry

​The automation of processes in steel production is difficult and risky because of the high potential risks if programming errors are made. In order to ensure safe and stable automation, time-consuming testing of the equipment/machines involved is required. In cooperation with Steel Sim VR, Controllab provides digital twins to develop and test control systems for machines in the steel industry and build training simulators. The digital model behaves like the real crane and is connected to a backup PLC of the crane with the same software as in the real crane. With the digital model, you can test new software in a 3D environment before implementing it on the real crane.

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High Tech Systems

In the high-tech systems market, there is a continues drive to create machines with more accuracy, higher speeds, and disruptive technologies. This requires advanced control systems which use multiple sensor inputs and machine models to calculate the optimal steering of the actuators. Controllab has developed the modelling and simulation package 20-sim, which is excellently suited for model based design. Using scripting and design environment was created with a high degree of automation. Controllab provides digital twins to develop and test these control systems.

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