Steel industry

In the steel industry there is an increasing demand for the automation of heavy machines and novel ways to train operators how to use them. In cooperation with Steel Sim VR, Controllab provides digital twins to develop and test control systems for machines in the steel industry and build training simulators.

Training Simulators

Controllab has developed technology that allows us to quickly convert CAD drawings of machines into digital twin simulation models. We have developed simulations models for cranes, lifting equipment, ladles and all other tools that are required to simulate the operation of steel handling cranes. Our digital twins are used by Steel Sim VR which provides simulators for the steel industry.

HIL Simulation

We are experts in letting these simulation models run in real-time. This allows us to couple our digital twins to control software and run them as if you are running the real machine. This makes our digital twins are suited very well for the development and testing of control software. This is also known as HIL simulation. HIL simulation allows you to thoroughly test control software before deploying it on a real machine.

Digital Twins

On a digital twin you can test everything. Including the operations that are to expensive or to dangerous to test on a real machine. Better testing will bring better quality. Our trainingssimulators are just like real life, There is also the possibility to change the weather or any other condition.. The digital twin brings two worlds together. The training of the simalator will reduce the stress for the trainees. If you make a mistake, just restart the digital twin and start over. Not only the stress will be reduces but it also save costs.