What we use


Design studies

When you want to improve machines, there are limits in every part. Some of these limits are related to the maximum speed, some related to the mass, some related to the geometry and so on. With our digital twins, we investigate these limits and see how they affect the design of a machine. This is usually done by creating a simulation model of the machine, which includes these limits. Simulations will show their effects on the machine performance.

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Monopile Gripper Simulation Model

Control software design

Controllab has over 25 years of experience in the design, implementation and testing of control software for complex and advanced systems. The heart of these control systems are generally closed loop control systems. We use simulation models and all the classical (time domain, frequency domain, PID, Kalman filtering,…) and modern (adaptive control, machine learning,..) control techniques to make these control systems stable and efficient.

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VSE - HIL simulation

HIL Simulation

Our digital twins are simulation models that mimic real machines. We apply physics and use measurement data from other machines to make our simulation models behave exactly as the real machine. And we are experts in letting these models run in real-time. This allows us to couple our digital twins to external control software. This is called Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation.

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Training simulators

Training simulators are excellent for training operators to work with equipment in hazardous environments where the safety of people is at stake. With the advance of 3D imaging technologies and VR, the costs of the simulators are decreasing rapidly. They become a viable option in an increasing number of industries. Controllab provides training simulators for a number of industries.

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