Interactive Game-Based Training Simulators

Training simulators are excellent for training operators to work with complex equipment and in environments where safety is important. Controllab offers training simulators that the operator can play like a game. Game-based training simulators are interactive and immersive platforms that simulate real-world scenarios to enhance learning and skill development. Using gamification elements, these simulators engage learners in a dynamic and fun way, making the training experience more effective and impactful.

In the entry level, the operator becomes familiar with the machine. In subsequent levels, the operator learns the ins and outs of the machine, how to operate it safely, and how to deal with emergencies.

By choosing game-based training simulators, companies can significantly reduce their training costs by eliminating the need for physical equipment, travel expenses, and potential damage during training sessions.

Game-based training simulator

Advantages of a game-based training simulator

With our innovative approach, you can easily select candidates for your training program by assessing their performance across different levels. Not only does this save costs by eliminating the need for an external trainer, but it also allows you to track their progress through key performance indicators.

  • Selection: Select candidates for a training programme using the entry levels of the game.
  • Save costs: The game is played without an external trainer. Key performance indicators will show how the operator has passed the various levels.
  • Attractive: Game-based training simulators are attractive to a new generation of employees.


Benefits of a game-based training simulator

Our game-based simulators help you save costs in different ways. Discover how our  technology teaches your operators to work safely in all conditions, operate machines economically, and reduce fuel consumption, damage and wear. Our training simulators are used in various industries. With the game-based training simulator, you’re not just investing in training, you’re investing in success.

  • Improve quality: Learn to work safely in all condition.
  • Increase efficiency: Learn to operate a machine economically.
  • Save costs: Learn to reduce fuel consumption, damage and wear.


Get in Touch

Get in touch with Paul Weustink, the mind behind the physics simulation of our game-based training simulators at Controllab. Explore how our simulators have revolutionized the offshore industry by enabling rigorous testing of candidate operators prior to their entry into the training program. Additionally, our simulators have proven to be a cost-effective solution in the steel industry, addressing the harmful damage caused by crane operators. Moreover, we have provided invaluable solutions to dredging companies, optimizing fuel consumption and conserving precious resources.

Reach out to Paul and see the potential of our simulators to transform your industry.