When you want to improve machines, there are limits in every part. Some of these limits are related to the maximum speed, some related to the mass, some related to the geometry and so on. With our digital twins, we investigate these limits and see how they affect the design of a machine. This is usually done by creating a simulation model of the machine, which includes these limits. Simulations will show their effects on the machine performance, providing valuable insights for design studies.

Monopile Gripper Simulation Model - Design Studies

Experience in Design Studies

Controllab is the developer of 20-sim, a modeling and simulation package that is suited very well for system dynamics. More than 20 years ago, we started using this package to create simulation models on demand for a wide range of applications.

During the years, we have modeled all kinds of machine parts and verified these models with measurements. This helps us to make models of machines that have not yet been built and predict their dynamics very accurately. These models play a crucial role in our design studies, enabling us to explore various design options and optimize machine performance before physical construction begins.