Training Simulator Interface

Training simulators are the key to unlocking the full potential of operators, especially when working with valuable equipment and in safety-critical environments. At Controllab, our training simulators Interface offer a unique trainer interface that puts you in full control. With the power of this interface, trainers can effortlessly select specific scenarios, manipulate environmental conditions, introduce faults, and much more. It’s like having a virtual training ground at your fingertips, where operators can hone their skills with expert guidance.

Training Simulator Interface

Advantages of the Training Simulator Interface

Having a trainer at  provides invaluable support and guidance throughout the training process. The trainers possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise, enabling them to provide detailed explanations and insights during exercises, helping operators fully understand the intricacies of their tasks.

  • Additional information: A trainer can explain a lot during the exercise.
  • Additional roles: The trainer can play the role of an external actor around the operator.
  • Guidance: A trainer quickly sees where the operator needs more practice.


Benefits of the Training Simulator Interface

Our Training Simulator Interface not only enhance the quality of work by promoting safe practices in any condition but also increase efficiency by teaching operators how to operate machines economically. By reducing fuel consumption, damage, and wear, our simulators help you save costs. With our unique trainer interface, trainers can provide invaluable support and guidance throughout the training process, ensuring operators fully understand their tasks.

  • Improve quality: Learn to work safely in all condition.
  • Increase efficiency: Learn to operate a machine economically.
  • Save costs: Learn to reduce fuel consumption, damage and wear.


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Get in touch with Bas Gunnink, the brains behind our 3D visualisation for Training Simulator Interface. Find out how our simulators have transformed the steel industry by effectively reducing damage caused by crane operators. And how the simulators detect faults in equipment before construction begins, saving valuable time and resources. But also the benefits of reducing operator stress, enabling them to work safely with high-value equipment. At Controllab, we are committed to empowering operators with our simulators. Contact Bas Gunnink today.