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HIL-Simulation for Barges with Mooring Lines


Controllab is developing real-time simulation models of barges and mooring lines. These models will be used for HIL simulations to test motion control software.

The video shows one of the test models with a barge that is on one end directly moored to an anchor and on the other side moored indirectly to an anchor via an anchor float. The model runs in real-time including a 3D animation show the motion of the barge and anchor float and the amount of slack of the mooring lines.

 “In the past we have developed models for winches and mooring lines that work really well for offline simulation” according to Christian Kleijn, CEO of Controllab. “Now we have added new technology that allows us to simulate these models in real time. This enables us to create digital twins of barges, winches and anchor lines and couple these with a PLC to test the winch control software. This is very useful in offshore engineering for every system that has to be positioned using winches and mooring lines.”

With our simulation models you can test in advance the positioning accuracy under various load conditions. You can also test how the software reacts under abnormal conditions. Using our simulation models will enhance the quality of your control software and reduce commissioning time.

HIL-Simulation for Barges with Mooring Lines