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Steel Crane Digital Twin

Controllab is developing digital twins: real-time simulation models for steel cranes. These models are used for HIL simulation and training simulators.

HIL-Simulation for Barges with Mooring Lines

Steel cranes operate in a dangerous environment, 24 hours per day. If you want to improve the software that is running these cranes, you have to be confident that the software will work first-time-right. Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation is a technology that will help you to get this confidence. For HIL simulation, a simulation model of the crane is coupled this to a PLC with the crane control software. This allows you to test the control software for every possible scenario. When the software fails, there is no harm. You simply improve the code and run a new simulation.

In the video you see a real crane lifting a ladle and our digital twin simulation model. The model shows exactly the same motions and swing as the real crane. The model has been used to test control software and is now the core of the Steel Sim VR ( training simulator.

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