Visiting Pioneering Spirit.

Client: Allseas

Pioneering Spirit  is the largest, most versatile offshore construction vessel in the world. Designed completely in-house, the vessel is designed for the single-lift installation and removal of offshore platforms and the installation of record-weight pipelines.

The emergence of Pioneering Spirit  signifies a step-change in offshore installation and decommissioning. Capable of lifting entire platform topsides of up to 48,000 t and jackets up to 20,000 t in a single piece, she significantly reduces the amount of offshore work associated with installation and decommissioning, moving the work onshore where it is safer and more cost effective.

On October 31 Controllab was invited for a tour on Pioneering Spirit.

Bas Gunnink – Technical Artist

Since the beginning of 2023, I have been working with my team at Controllab on a training simulator for tensioner operators at Allseas. On the 31 of October we were invited to visit Pioneering Spirit on the Maasvlakte II in Rotterdam to see the real thing. It was absolutely breathtaking to see the largest construction vessel in the world, equipped with enormous Pioneering lift systems and machines working coherently. Thank you Boris for organizing this unique tour and giving us an amazing experience!

Riccardo Mengacci – Control Engineer

Visiting Pioneering Spirit, the biggest construction vessel in the worldm has been really interesting, besides being a privilege. On one side, it helped us better understand the workflow of those offshore operations that we, as simulator developers, need to reproduce for our customer Allseas. This will definitely strenghten the ongoing collaboration that is in place with Controllab.

On the other side, it have us valuable insight into the current status of the technologies, that can be realized (and found) to facilitate the offshore construction market, such as tensioners, winches, cranes, and so many others. On top of that, everything was impressively big, and sometimes is was hard to imagine that we were on a vessel floating on water.

Let’s be honest, every engineer likes to see a huge crane in action once in a lifetime!

We would like to thank Allseas for the unique experience at Pioneering Spirit.