Controllab has worked with robots and robotic machinery for over 20 years. Our success is built on the foundation of the digital twin—an advanced 3D simulation model we create for each robot. This innovative technology allows us to develop and rigorously test robots in a virtual environment before they are physically built. By leveraging digital twins, we have successfully helped numerous clients bring their robotic solutions to market efficiently and effectively

photo courtesy of Kees Torn, Flickr


Our focus is on system dynamics and control. Every machine has performance limits, such as maximum speed and load capacity. By studying system dynamics, we examine these limits and their impact on machine design. Utilizing parameterized 3D simulation models, we conduct extensive simulations to explore hundreds of scenarios. Advanced techniques, such as time and frequency domain analysis, enable us to thoroughly analyze the robot and optimize its control system design.

Experience Robotics

We have particular expertise in several key areas:

  • Designing Control Systems: We specialize in developing robust and efficient control systems tailored to each machine’s specific requirements.
  • Analyzing the Effect of Flexibility in Joints and Structures: Our experience allows us to assess how flexibility impacts the performance and stability of robotic joints and structures, ensuring optimal design and functionality.
  • Choosing Electric or Hydraulic Actuator Dimensions: We carefully select and dimension actuators, whether electric or hydraulic, to meet the precise needs of each application, balancing power, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Deriving the Error Budget: We meticulously calculate the error budget to determine how design choices influence the accuracy of motion, ensuring that the final system performs within the desired tolerances.

This comprehensive expertise enables us to deliver high-quality, precision-engineered robotic solutions that meet the unique demands of our clients.