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photo courtesy of Kees Torn, Flickr


Controllab has worked with robots and robotic machines for over 20 years. The basis of our success is the digital twin, i.e a 3D simulation model, that we create for every robot. The digital twin enables us to develop and thoroughly test the robot before it is actually built. With this technology we have helped many customers to bring their robots on the market.


Our focus is on system dynamics and control. Every machine has performance limits like the maximum speed or the maximum load. With system dynamics, we investigate these limits and see how they affect the design of machines. With a parameterized 3D simulation model we run simulations and investigate hundreds of scenario’s. Special techniques like time and frequency domain analysis are used to analyze the robot and help us to design the control system.


We have particular experience in:

  • Designing the control system.
  • Analyzing the effect of flexibility in joints and structures.

  • Choice of electric or hydraulic actuators dimensions.

  • Deriving the error budget (e.g. how is the accuracy of motion affected by design choices).