Digital Twin Factory


How can we create digital twins easier and faster? That is the goal of our long term research project ‘Digital Twin Factory’. Develop technology that will allow us to create digital twins just as a factory assembly line. One of the goals of the R&D project is to use customer input to automatically generate simulation models.

In the picture you see a first prototype that we have created to demonstrate automatic assembly. This prototype enables users to effortlessly allocate winches and mooring lines to a pontoon. The system asks for the location of the anchors and the winches and then generates a blueprint. The blueprint is a detailed document that describes the model components, model interconnections and parameters. Out of a blueprint, a 20-sim model can be automatically assembled.

We are excited to announce that the first commercial offspring of this R&D output is a barge simulator that will be released in the upcoming year. The simulator will allow a user to define multiple mooring lines and generate a simulation model which can be used to test PLC based control software for mooring lines. If you want to know more about the simulator, please contact us.


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