Immersion Pontoon

HIL Simulator

Client: Bakker-Sliedrecht

Commisioned by Bakker Sliedrecht, Controllab will supply a HIL simulation model to test the control software of the immersion pontoons for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel.

As one of Europe’s most ambitious infrastructure projects, the Fehmarnbelt tunnel will connect the Danish and the German coasts through a 40m deep underwater road and rail. The tunnel will consist out of 79 standard (STE) and 10 special tunnel elements (SPE). Two immersion pontoons will be used to lower the tunnel element to the seabed; both immersion pontoons are controlled from the one control centre on the secondary Immersion Pontoons (IP sec or IP2). To facilitate the immersion, 32 PLCs are used to control the hoisting/mooring winches, hydraulics and other equipment on the immersion pontoons.

Image credit: Femern A/S



Controllab will supply a HIL simulation model to test the control software that will run on these. The HIL simulation will accurately model the tunnel element in different configurations (STE/SPE /at water level/just above gravel bed under water etc) , the immersion pontoons, cables, hoisting/mooring winches and local environment. A coupling with the PLCs will allow dry testing of the immersion and checking the control software.



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