Please join me in welcoming our newest intern to the team!



My name is Luke Aaldering, and I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in Robotics at the University of Twente. I’ve secured an internship with Controllab, a role that perfectly intertwines my enduring passion for both computers and physics. With a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, I’ve always viewed this field as the optimal bridge between my dual interests.

At Controllab, I’ve taken on the role of a programmer, spearheading the design of a simulation designer in Unity. This project aims to facilitate the swift and intuitive creation and customization of simulation scenarios. Throughout my internship, I’ve been presented with a myriad of learning opportunities. These range from enhancing my skills in program management and planning to understanding the profound impact even smaller enterprises like Controllab can have on the broader tech landscape.

I’m eager to continue my journey, optimistic about the meaningful contributions I can make during my tenure at Controllab.

Luke Aaldering.