Controllab has over 25 years of experience in the design, implementation and testing of control software for complex and advanced systems.


Controllab is specialized in complex control systems. The heart of these control systems are generally closed loop control systems. We use simulation models and all the classical (time domain, frequency domain, PID, Kalman filtering,…) and modern (adaptive control, machine learning,..) control techniques to make these control systems stable and efficient.


The key to high quality control software is test automation. We have developed a toolkit for the automated testing control software:

  • Testing stability and efficiency with simulation models.
  • Unit testing and functional testing in the software development system.
  • Functional testing on the controller hardware (PLC, PC, embedded), HIL simulation.


With machine learning you can automate the work that an expert would do:

  • Run a machine or system and record data
  • Process the data
  • Detect causes and effects

Controllab has the expertise to implement machine learning based on time series data. We use existing data sets to train a network to inspect the data as an expert would do. If the data is not available, we can use simulation models to generate data sets.



For cranes we have developed control software that is ready to use on a wide variety of cranes. It contains:

  • Tagline control: control the position and orientation of a load while it is being hoisted using taglines.
  • Heave Compensation: Compensate the z-position of a load for the motion of a ship.
  • 3D Motion Compensation: Compensate the x, y and z-position of a load for the motion of a ship.
  • Anti-sway: actively damp out the swinging of a load.

Cranes may be equipped with hydraulic or electric drives. Motion compensation can only be applied with cranes that a light and stiff and have sufficient degrees of freedom. Controllab can help with the proper design of these types of cranes.