Controllab has developed 20-sim and 20-sim 4C. With these tools you can simulate machines, design control systems and implement them as c-code on hardware.


20-sim is a modelling and simulation program that runs under Microsoft Windows. With 20-sim you can simulate the behavior of dynamic systems, such as electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems or any combination of these. 20-sim fully supports the use of components. This allows you to enter models as in an engineering sketch: by choosing components from the library and connecting them, your engineering scheme is actually rebuilt, without entering a single line of math!

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20-SIM 4C

20-sim 4C is a software package that enables rapid prototyping for control engineers. With 20-sim 4C you can run c-code on hardware to control machines and systems and run HIL-tests. 20-sim 4C imports c-code from 20-sim, Matlab and Scilab This allows you to run it on hardware like embedded arm boards, PC 104 systems and much more.

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