BLIT Simulator

Client: van Oord

Together with MSA-Service, Controllab has developed a training simulator for a “Boat Landing Installation Tool” (BLIT). The BLIT was developed by TMS for and together with van Oord and equipped with electronics and controls by MSA. The BLIT will be used by van Oord to place boat landings on wind turbines. To support the operators of the BLIT, a simulator has been added.

The training simulator is integrated into the operator panel of the BLIT. Operators can switch to “simulation mode” to operate a simulated machine. After the training they can switch back to “normal control” to operate the real machine. The simulator is based on physics and accurately displays pressures, speeds and other variables. The camera screens are provided with super realistic 3D animations. This gives the operator the impression that he is operating a real machine.

According to Arjan Blok of Van Oord, “Training operators with the simulator is a big advantage. A test set-up where a boat landing can actually be placed on part of a foundation is only available for a limited time and no conditions can be simulated in the process. Now that we have a simulator, we can not only introduce operators to the tool but also give them experience in installing boat landings. With that, the operators are already familiar with the tool and with the process and an actual installation will be easier and can be performed with more confidence.”

The simulator is the result of a successful cooperation of Controllab and MSA-Service. Controllab has provided the physics simulator and the 3D animation and coupled this with the control software developped by MSA-Service. The simulator was handed over to van Oord after a successful test on October 25.