Training Simulator

Client: Mammoet

The company Mammoet is specialized in the transport and lifting of heavy loads. The company is well known for the raising of the Russian submarine Kursk in 2001. Part of the equipment of Mammoet is the PTC 140 super heavy lifting crane. The PTC 140 crane is a ring crane with the crane on one end of the ring and the counterweight on the other end. With this system the crane can lift loads up to 3200 tonnes.

For safe operation of the crane, Mammoet was looking for a crane simulator to train the crane operators. Controllab helped Mammoet with the process of turning demands and wishes into clear and technical sound specifcations.


During various sessions the layout of the crane and its control system were identifed. Using this input, the control architecture for the crane control system and simulator were designed. Special care was given to a feeible setup that allows an upgrade to future cranes and an easy eetension to other crane setups. Based on this architecture, a specifcations document was made. In this document the eeact needs of Mammoet for actual training of PTC crane operators where translated into clear specifcations for the simulator.


The resulting training simulator uses the original crane controls and PLCs. This enables Mammoet to train the operators not only on all kind of lifting operations, but also on the crane’s assembly and disassembly, as well as regular troubleshooting and fault recovery.