Monopile Grippers

Controllab offers digital twins for monopile grippers. The twins contain all the important equipment (rollerboxes, cylinders, 3D levers, arms etc.). The grippers can either be mounted on a jack up or on a DP crane vessel. The digital allows you to test operation in all possible weather conditions.

DEME - Pile Gripper


Our digital twins are used to develop new grippers and to test new control software.

  • Gain insight: Run simulations to investigate new techniques and operations
  • HIL simulation: Connect the digital twin to your PLC to test the control software.
  • Test everything: Test operations that are too dangerous or costly should the software fail.
Motion Compensated Pile Gripper


With our simulation models, you can

  • Improve quality: Optimize safety, test hazardous operations and emergencies.
  • Increase efficiency: Test every software change against predefined scenarios.
  • Save costs: Reduce commissioning delays.



Get in touch with Marcel Riccardo Mengacci. He is in charge of the development of our digital twins. He can tell you how our simulators have helped to:

  • investigate the effects of failures
  • test and implement complex automation
  • test a new generation of grippers